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Summer Expansion

The summer and fall have been quite productive here at Black Bird Management's sugar bush. We spent much of our summer installing approx. 20,000 more taps, which now gives us a total tap count for the 2021 season of over 100,000 taps.

There is quite a lot involved in expansion. First we made trails to make our sugar bush quickly accessible for our employees for ease of repairs. We also buried our 3" and 4" lines during this stage.

Next we installed our 1" mainlines which includes many rolls of 1" line as well as the posting and leveling. The 5/16" lines are installed next which includes the connection to the 1" line as well as the drop lines.

Finally, our mainline monitors were installed. These monitors allow us to locate leaks and blockages during the sap season.

During the fall we brushed the area we plan to expand into next summer. We also spent a lot of time repairing and improving our existing sap grid.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved with our summer expansion. Special thanks to our employees, Travaux Acericoles Danik Lapointe, and KC Logging.

We are looking forward to tapping season as well as some small improvements within our facility this winter.

Keep posted for our tapping season post.

Take Care.


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