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Black Bird is an Ontario based corporation that has been managing Astina Forest AG's (Astina) forestlands since 2016. It is located along Batchawana Bay in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence forest region. Astina is a pioneer in applying a selection harvesting system in the region and is well known in the local forest industry and social community for its sound forest management practices. In 2019, Black Bird began producing maple syrup and is now the largest operation in Ontario.


Our vision is to sustainably manage large privately-owned forestlands to optimize financial, social and ecological returns for our stakeholders. We are at the forefront of sustainable forest management, and our goal is to continually unlock the potential of an ecologically diverse forest.




1984: Astina Forest AG has been purchasing land around the Batchawana Bay area, accumulating 60,000 acres to date.


1990: A local forester, began implementing forest management practices utilized on European tolerant hardwood stands. A selective management approach was utilized to increase overall stand health and quality. 


2016: Black Bird Management Ltd was contracted to oversee forest management activities on Astina's lands and to seek out alternative uses for the forest.

2017: Black Bird began market research on maple sap and syrup. Our research found that production technology advanced considerably in recent years and that natural sugars, genuine organic products and plant-based drinks are popular food trends. Black Bird began work on site selection, engineering and contracting. A 2,500 acre site was selected at Harmony Bay, 40 kilometers north of Sault Ste. Marie. The site was selected for its unique topography. The maple syrup facility is located in the beautiful Harmony River valley.

2020: First season of maple syrup production at Black Bird.

2023: Black Bird began implementation of carbon offset project on Astina's forestlands.

Who we are

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