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Maple Processing Facility is Nearing Completion!

Fall has crept up on us here in the Harmony River Valley and the fall colours are prominent across the landscape. A lot has happened since the last blog update for Black Bird's Maple processing facility.

Most of the exterior is now installed. The overhead doors were installed within the last few weeks and they look fantastic and compliment the siding. There are a few details near the offices to be completed as seen below.

Most of the electrical has been installed at this point. The middle and far right pictures below are some of the electrical equipment set up in our mechanical room. Below on the far left is a picture of the transformer for the building. We are currently waiting for the automatic transfer switch so that the permanent power can be hooked up to the building.

Liner panel has been installed in our R.O. room as well as in the evaporator room so that our facility can be cleaned thoroughly without damaging the walls. The picture below shows the liner panel being installed in the evaporator room.

The pictures below show the various stages of progress for the finishes on the inside of the facility. I love the maple cabinets being installed. They look great!

Most of our equipment has now arrived at the facility and we will be working on getting them installed sometime in October. The evaporators are quite impressive. They have a foot print of 8 feet by 24 feet and when fully operational, will be able to process up to 7.5 barrels per hour of maple syrup. Below from left to right are one of the evaporators, the sap tanks, and the calibration tanks with the filter presses upstairs.

It has certainly been an exciting time here at Black Bird. We are quite happy with the progress on the building and we are looking forward to the installation of the equipment.

Stay tuned for our next update!

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Juha Kantovaara
Juha Kantovaara
Feb 04, 2020

Are you giving any tours of your facility?

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