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Your organic supplier

Black Bird collects sap from more than 100’000 sugar maple trees located on a single track of sustainably managed forestland. The unique geographic location and our new  20’000 ft2 production facility allows us to collect all maple sap from one location. We provide commercial quantities of maple syrup and maple water of the highest quality from one single, organic and traceable source

Bulk Maple Syrup

We offer bulk maple syrup in 1,000 litre totes or 55 US gallon drum packaging, however, we can potentially accommodate smaller or larger packaging, as well as alternate products (permeate, maple sap, concentrate, maple water).

Packaging Solutions

We are a white label producer. Send us your design work and we will produce organic maple syrup with your logo. We offer our maple syrup in glass bottles or plastic jugs. The most common sizes are 100 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 375 ml, 500 ml and 1 l, however other sizes can be accommodated.


The full range of maple syrup grades (golden, amber, dark, very dark) are available. The colour classification system is based on the percentage of light transmission. Our lab is host to multiple components that ensure accurate and unmatched reliability to grading and quality assurance.

Our facility is directly accessible by transport trucks via the Trans Canada Highway.

Contact us today for products, quantities and pricing.

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